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Application Tapes and Premasks

RTape Premask and Prespacing Tapes

Heavyweight paper tape solutions engineered with specific adhesive systems for the most common or challenging signage applications.

Product Information
  • Lays flat with no tunneling or edge curling
  • Factory cut, razor slit rolls
  • No adhesive balls, gapping or build up on stored graphics
  • Tears cleanly - no stringy, legging adhesive
  • Adhesive will not build up on stored graphics
  • Works in either wet or dry applications
  • Multiple roll widths available
  • Textured and matte-finish vinyl films
  • Fine lettering
  • Textured wrap, window and floor films
  • Thermal die-cuts

ApliTape 4885 Extra High Tack

Standard grade saturated paper application tape
Medium/high tack rubber adhesive

Conform 4760RLA Medium Tack for UV Prints

Heavyweight paper premask/prespacing tape
Medium/high tack rubber adhesive

Conform 4761RLA Medium Tack for Air-Egress Vinyls

Heavyweight paper prespacing tape for air egress vinyls
High tack rubber adhesive