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PRODUCT TYPE / Extruded Films

Extruded Films

CET Films delivers film solutions that enhance, secure and protect. We specialize in creating custom solutions specifically optimized for our clients, so constant research and

ClariCap™ Capping Films

ClariCap™ capping films are cast extruded, interior/exterior, printable and bondable films that are designed to enhance and protect surfaces. Materials include: Acrylic (PMMA), PETg, Polycarbonate (PC) and PVC.

Clariguard™ Security Films

Security films provide highly tamper resistant personalization solutions for financial card and secure identification needs. Through extensive testing and proprietary manufacturing techniques, our laser engravable film is optimized for superior image quality and production versatility.


Polycarbonate films help to meet your most demanding application requirements – from graphic grade films, secure cards and medical packaging to automotive and theatrical lighting.


Cast extruded PVC films offer lower gel counts and higher quality films for your indoor and outdoor printing needs. PVC is naturally UV stable and great for outdoor graphic applications. Its superior orientation and excellent ink receptibility makes PVC a first choice for the printing market.

ClariCap™ PETg

ClariCap™ PETg is a high clarity, cast extruded, interior grade capping film that is a fantastic alternative to PVC. 100% recyclable, the resin in ClariCap PETg films is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ – Silver and GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified®.

Custom Extruded Films

CET Films’ has the ability to extrude custom resins to meet the needs of your specific applications. Proprietary embossing technology also available.